Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His Amazing Lifestyle

Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His Amazing Lifestyle

Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His Amazing Lifestyle

Wiz Khalifa is living the best time of his life.

Recently, the rapper spoke with the folks at Billboard about his forthcoming album Rolling Papers 2, his Dazed and Blazed Tour with Rae Sremmurd, fatherhood and why he thinks anyone who associates with him is positively changed.

See the excerpts below.

About his workout regimen: I just smoke a lot of pot and hit the gym. I fell back on partying a little bit. I get a lot of rest. Eat good. Sweat. It took about a year to get to where I am. It definitely helps, man. It’s a confidence booster for sure. My DM’s are fucking full.

About fatherhood: The biggest joy is seeing that boy every day and he just lights my life up. When I see his face or when I hear his voice. He sleeps in my bed with me so I just roll over and look at him like, “I love this boy.” The biggest hurdle is just the balance between studio live and normal life. For a long ass time, it takes a lot to reprogram your brain from 18 years of work. I’ve been going to the studio every day since high school. Then, to have another responsibility that’s just as important, I had to reprogram and put just as much energy into that balance.

I never want to miss out on any of those moments with my son, but I never want to miss out on the bag either. They’re equally attackable. When you become a real boss you learn how to really do them at the appropriate times and apply pressure

About him and his son and ex Amber Rose going to see his son’s idol Taylor Swift: We had such a good time, man. The fact that he gravitates towards music — he sings the words or like looks at people and sees artists as larger than life and he knows I’m an artist. I feel like that does so much good stuff with his brain.

If he would want his son to pursue a music career: Absolutely. He’ll be better than me. I’m that n—a, so I know my son gon’ be a G. [Laughs]

Asked how he would title this chapter of his life with one word and why he’d choose that word: Awesome. I feel awesome, I look awesome and I give off awesome energy. Anybody that touches me becomes awesome after they get the juices.

Asked to pick a song or album that best describes his life: My favorite album is [Outkast’s] Aquemini, so we could rock with that. It takes a complex person to understand how dope Aquemini really is. You really gotta be super tight to understand how dope I really am. You could think I’m dope because someone told you, and same thing with Aquemini. People talk about Outkast, but you have no understanding of it. When you dive in, sit down, take time with it, you get infected with dopeness, as do you with me.

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