When Sarkodie took a swipe at Bisa Kdei on ‘Highest’ album

When Sarkodie took a swipe at Bisa Kdei on 'Highest' album

It’s a normal phenomenon for rappers to make reference to happenings, history, fiction and clear-cut imaginations and it is also acceptable for rappers to use their fellow artists to make a point in their songs, whether it rubs them off the bad way or not – www.entertainmentgh.com can state!

Sarkodie, on the Jesse Jagz-featured song, ‘Overdose’ took a swipe at highlife artist, Bisa KDei and his 2015 hit song, ‘Brother Brother‘.

The line in the song that got music lovers scratching their heads is this;

“Comparing these lightweight rappers to Sarkodie is like comparing Daddy Lumba’s ‘Aben Wo Ha’ to Bisa KDei’s ‘Brother Brother’ (Translated).

The comparison of lightweight rappers to Bisa’s hit song is a clear denigration of the effort of the highlife artist and his 2015 banger, which won him some critical acclaim – www.entertainmentgh.com is guessing!

Again, of all highlife songs , why did Sarkodie choose to pick on ‘Brother Brother’ in making such a profound comparison to the legendary Daddy Lumba?

But wait, is Sarkodie right in saying, one cannot compare Daddy Lumba’s 2208 hit song, ‘Aben Wo Ha’ to Bisa’s ‘Brother Brother’?


Let’s analyze;

In 2008, Lumba released one of the biggest records ever in Ghanaian music history. The song, ‘Aben Wo Ha’ generated the biggest buzz during that period, with calls for it to be banned due to its lewd lyrics. It received inestimable airplay across the county and won the artist the ‘Highlife Artist of the Year’ and ‘Overall Artist of the Year’ in the maiden edition of the Ghana Music Awards. It is on record to be one of the biggest records sold by the artist, which was on the album, with the same title.


In 2015, Bisa KDei released a banging tune, ‘Brother Brother’ – which was a follow-up to his hit song, ‘Mansa’. At the time, Bisa, was the only highlife artist to have back-t0-back hit songs. It received widespread airplay and popularity and aided the artist to bag several awards at the VGMA.


www.entertainmentgh.com believes Sarkodie spoke the truth: ‘Aben Wo Ha’ was way bigger than ‘Brother Brother’ but, he could have chosen another song as reference, considering how ‘Brother Brother’ performed on the market.


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