When love turns sour: Celebrity marital scandals

When love turns sour: Celebrity marital scandals

Celebrity romances are like fairytales to many of us and we feel such a part of their relationships.

We ooohhh and ahhhh at everything they do especially their public displays of affection which they put on social media and for people like this writer, we hope that their marriages or relationships go the long haul.

However, it is not every time that our prayers are answered and some of the fairytales just come crashing down leaving us heartbroken.

Sometimes, the separation is done quietly like that of beautiful couple, Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite (sigh). But at other times, they play out messily in the public space; cue the Afia Schwarzengger and Funny Face scandals.

Of course, they are not the only ones who have given us first class seats into their marriage dramas; there are several others and below we bring you some of them.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Lawrence Abrokwah

It has turned out to be one of the shortest marriages and perhaps the most dramatic. They got married in October 2016 but the marriage hit the rocks not long after.

Before their separation, Afia would regularly splash pictures showing them all loved up and enjoying marital bliss.

Then one fine day in September, videos of the controversial presenter started circulating. Here she was in bed with her new boyfriend and who discovers them? Her estranged husband of course, who proceeds to record the encounter.

What follows are allegations of physical and verbal abuse, accusations of cheating and revelations of borrowing to fund their wedding. This scandal has rocked the country and does not show any sign of ending soon as Mr Abrokwah is currently facing charges over the leakage of the video. He has been granted a court bail but brace yourself to hear more stories coming from there.

Funny Face and Elizabeth Ntim

After a beautiful ceremony in 2014, comedian Funny Face’s marriage ended quietly in 2016 and he refused to go into what led to it at that time.

Perhaps, he should have kept his mouth shut as his tell-all recently brought some backlash he did not expect.

In an interview on Okay FM last month, Funny Face disclosed he was wooed into the marriage by his ex-wife’s physical attributes, including her massive backside and hips.

Describing the marriage as useless, he claimed Elizabeth committed 36 unforgivable sins which to him were worse than murder. There had long been rumours of infidelity by the woman and some of his comments seemed to confirm that.

Then came an alleged reply by the scorned ex-wife that he apparently suffered from early ejaculation and lasted only two minutes in bed. Although there are reports the story was fabricated, Funny Face is yet to live down the teasing and ridicule especially on social media.

He has since apologised for the mess playing out in public.

Obaapa Christy and Pastor Love Hammond

In 2011, this was the biggest celebrity scandal. The award winning Gospel artiste and her preacher husband, decided that the place to air out their differences was on radio and they went really low.

First, the General Overseer of the Life Power Miracle Church accused Obaapa then known as Christiana Love of cheating on him and getting pregnant for another man on several radio stations.

In denying the allegations, Obaapa also made some damning claims against him. She said he slept with members of his church, even proposing to some of the women in her presence, raping her sister, having an affair with their house help and physically abusing her. Perhaps the worst was when she revealed he had forced her to have an abortion after armed robbers raped her.

Of course the marriage ended right there and Christiana Love became Obaapa Christy.

Esther Smith and Rev Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu

Their four-year marriage ended in 2008 with accusations and counter accusations which nearly derailed Esther’s amazing career.

Rev Bonsu accused her of cheating on him and made it worse when he claimed he doubted the paternity of a new born child Esther had delivered in Germany. In fact, he doubted the paternity of all the kids they had claiming she slept around.

Her go-to sound engineer, Morris, was also accused of having an affair with her.

Esther in turn accused him of verbal and physical abuse and that he had been having an affair with their house help. The marriage was dissolved in Esther’s absence.

Diana Hopeson and Rev. Samuel Akiwumi

Their marriage officially ended somewhere in the 2000s although they had been separated since 1997.

Their separation made headlines at the time and Rev Akiwumi, who passed on some years ago, was accused of physically assaulting Diana for years. She never denied those claims and later spoke publicly about them.

It came out years later that the man had a bipolar disorder. Diana is happily married now.

Akosua Agyapong and Nat Brew (Amandzeba)

This singing couple were admired for how they managed their careers and the beautiful children (including twins) they had. However, their divorce after a 15-year marriage was a bitter and nasty one.

A lot of allegations including physical abuse, lack of attention among others were made against Amandzeba and although he did not say much out there, rumours abounded.

Nonetheless, they made up years after that and remain on good terms. They are both married to other people.

Kofi Adu (Agya Koo) and Victoria Owusu Adomako

ACTOR Agya Koo’s marriage to his ex wife, Victoria Owusu Adomako ended in 2012 but not without drama. Agya Koo, real name, Kofi Adu caused his ex-wife’s arrest on claims she had stolen his car and other valuables. He also accused her of infidelity and alleged she had been giving the man his ‘stolen’ stuff.

Victoria on the other hand accused him of beating her up, neglecting her and their only child. Now both of them are happily married to other people.

Kwabena Kwabena and ex-wives

Highlife crooner, Kwabena Kwabena’s first marriage ended with allegations of infidelity being made against him. The sister of his ex-wife, Esther, even claimed he had impregnated another woman.

He married his second wife, Abena Owusuaa in 2010 but earlier this year, reports indicated that the marriage had ended with allegations of infidelity being levelled against him.

He has been accused of having an affair with his manager, TV presenter, Frema Ashkar.


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