We remained virgins until marriage – Daughters of Glorious Jesus

We remained virgins until marriage - Daughters of Glorious Jesus

We remained virgins until marriage - Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Cynthia Appiadu, a member of veteran gospel trio; Daughters of Glorious Jesus, has disclosed that all three members of the group remained virgins until they got married.

The veteran musician made the disclosure in an interview with Franky 5 on “This is Gospel” on Hitz FM.

The celebrated gospel group made up of Edna Sarpong, Monica Owusu Ansah and Cynthia Appiadu, has for many years treated Ghanaians to a number of great gospel hits such as ‘Mebo Wo Din Daa’, ‘Edin No’ and ‘Asomdwoe Hene’.

According to Cynthia Appiadu, the group, guided by Archbishop Akwasi Asare Bediako; their spiritual father, was so focused on music and as such, never dated any man and stayed as virgins until marriage.
“He taught us how to write and compose songs and also how to get songs as well because he knew how to do it very well and so, it was around that time that we realized what the Lord wanted us to do so we were focused,” she said.
The singer added that: “We were very lucky to have him as a spiritual father and we stayed with him until we completed school and got married. I didn’t know any man until I met my husband. I stood; in fact, all three of us stayed virgins until we got married.”

Narrating how the group came about, Cynthia Appiadu recalled how “…we were just singing and didn’t see any future in what we were doing. It was God who spoke to Archbishop Akwasi Asare Bediako. You know, at that time, the late Reverend Amoako was the associate pastor and so when we were even little girls, we used to go for fellowship but we were all members of the Assemblies of God Church at that time.”

“So, we used to go there as five girls but later on, three of the girls dropped, so it was only left with I and Edna. And Monica was also coming from TUC to Santaasi to fellowship and we were all in the same choir. So one day, Archbishop Akwasi Asare Bediako said ‘I’ve seen a special gift in these girls so I need to talk to their parents’. And he was also a gifted musician. He was a singer turned pastor,” she added.

The singer narrated further that: “…he came to our parents and told them that the Lord had revealed the gift we have to him and so, he would like to help us. So the three of us were schooling and staying with him and that was how the whole thing started. So we officially started singing as ‘Daughters’ in the year 1989 but before then, we were just part of the choir, singing all over.”

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