Top 3 comedy videos you cannot miss this week

Comedy remains one of the best means of relieving stress daily, and with Africa Comedy Union you can be sure you will ease your stress away and laugh away your troubles.

The Africa Comedy Union page on YouTube is home to hilarious comedy skits from top comedians all over Nigeria; it is the best place to find unlimited laughter and fun every day of the week. If you have not been keeping up with the page, here are 3 hilarious comedy skits that got a lot of people laughing this week:

1. MC Shem Comedian – ‘When Mama Shem decides to be nice’

2. Dickson Skits – ‘Pay for your food’

3. OnyekaOsas Skits – ‘Let us pray’

Make sure you never miss out on the funniest videos from top Nigerian comedians by subscribing to the Africa Comedy Union YouTube page. New hilarious videos get uploaded every week.

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