Tonto Dikeh publicly apologises to her former bff Halima Abubakar, she reacts

– Tonto Dikeh and her ‘best friend’ Halima Abubakar are up to their usual antics again

– The mum of one recently shared a funny encounter she had when she visited her colleague’s house

– Tonto revealed how she ate all the food in Halima’s fridge

It’s no longer news that actresses Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar are best of friends so much so that when Halima was ill, Tonto was the one taking care of her. Something recently happened between the both of them that is quite funny. Tonto visited Halima and she literally raided her fridge eating all the meatpies she saw there. Halima wasn’t impressed and she let the mum of one know. Realizing her error, Tonto had to apologise via her Instagram page.

Read her post below: “Sending Postive vibes to my Ex girl @halimabubakar I’m so mad at her,People pls help me judge this matter.. I visted Halima and in her fridge were some yummy meat pies and shezz..I was so hungry I ate it all and halima had the guts to tell me that I EAT TOO MUCH..(In her words ah ah you know no say na person house you Dey,You NO SABI Dey FORM.YOU JUST EAT ALL MU FOOD) Kia I was sooooo ashamed and comically hurt and switched to DIVA MOOD… Like really,For heavens sake am a guest and that was rude.So I left called her Once and never called again and She is very sturborn tooo she never called . After seeing her near death story ha i was Shook..I say make I apologise.. HALIMA I WIL NEVER EAT YOUR ICE CREAM AND MEAT PIE AGAIN WITHOUT YOUR PREMISSION… Hally boo boo Issa hot mess.. My extremely emotional somebody I’m sorry for real boo, I was hungry ma Nigga Get well soon”

See Halima’s reaction below:

Tonto Dikeh publicly apologises to her former bff Halima Abubakar, she reacts

Aren’t these two funny?

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