Tobi Bakre Unveils Five New Projects He Is Working On (see Lists)

Tobi Bakre Unveils Five New Projects He Is Working On (see Lists)

Big Brother Naija’s Tobi Bakre is certainly not a ‘lazy youth’ as he has just revealed a list of five projects he will be working on very soon.

Tobi shared his plans on his Instagram page  and wrote;

I’ll be launching projects around the following:

Photo/Art Exhibition: Prior to entering the Big Brother House, I started working on a platform to showcase young creative photographers. I am working on my first exhibition which fuses Art, Photography, and Experiential Production. In the coming weeks, I will share more details about this.

Tobi Live: I will be bringing full-on entertainment to you guys via my Youtube Channel – you should subscribe now to get first dibs on the first video! I’ll be exploring everything from – Life as a creative living in Lagos, to Friendship/relationships, Entertainment, Fitness, and Interviews with some amazing people.

The Business Of Creativity: As a young creative, I realize that one of the challenges my peers face is putting structures to their creativity, and commercializing their talents. I will be pulling some experts in the brand and business space to educate and mentor young people in the creative space who need direction.

Social Initiatives: One of my passions is giving back – to friends and to the community. As a result, I am working on an initiative that will allow me and my community give back to society and positively impact peoples lives.

Fitness: As a fitness enthusiast, and a #GymBuff (If I say so myself �), I will be working with some of my friends in the Health and Fitness space to bring you some products, and platforms to stay physically and mentally fit throughout your journey..because… Health is wealth!

Ok #Tobination! These are some of my immediate plans. I’ll still be exploring other aspects of passion in MC-ing, Acting, Photography, Presenting, and other stuff. Stay Glued! �@trans4mazfotography


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