TBoss tackles follower who taunted her publicly but begged her privately


2017 BBNaija ex-housemate, Tboss, is certainly not having it with social media trolls and has taken to the platform to call them out.

Following the buzz surrounding the royal wedding which took place on Saturday, May 19. From the star struck guest list to the amazing fashion trends, Nigerians are still going crazy over the royal event. Reality star/model, Tboss, also joined in the rave. She had taken to her Instagram page to express her excitement about the wedding and wished she could have been in attendance too. In her words, “I’d have given any and EVERYTHING to be at the #RoyalWedding of Harry & Meghan Markle …All the same- What a Beautiful Love story. Even the Weather is in accordance with them… Dear Lord, may I also find such #TrueLove”


However a follower did not understand the obsession with the royal wedding and expressed this in her comment section, “What’s with you people and the royal wedding, you guys are not even being recognised for posting….pray to God you will have yours….buh at this rate of yours don’t think it will be anytime soon” Tboss in turn, replied, “At this rate of mine?? What rate do you speak about? Please kindly explain. Thanks”

Tboss later took to her Insta Story to reveal she had time for retards coming her way. She also shared a screenshot of the direct message she got from the follower apologizing to her. He explained that saying ‘at this rate’ was all because he wasn’t aware of TBoss being in a relationship with anyone or being proposed to. He concluded his apology by saying he meant no harm. TBoss on her own part, warned everyone to stop ‘poking their noses where it doesn’t concern them’. She stated that one cannot publicly insult her and then come privately to apologize. See post below:

TBoss mocks follower who taunted her publicly but begged her privately


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