Stonebwoy ‘Apologizes’ To Media Personnel On His Wedding

Stonebwoy ‘Apologizes’ To Media Personnel On His Wedding

Stonebwoy ‘Apologizes’ To Media Personnel On His Wedding

Livingstone Este Satekla known on stage as Stonebwoy Burniton has drop an apology statement to all media personnel, for not personally inviting them to his wedding.

In an interview with Hitz FM, he briefed them about how he was not able to invite them to the wedding. (Transcribed) “Primarily it was going to be a private event till the news broke out. Personally I have had invitation to be giving to a number of people from the media, families and friends but then since everything blew out we have to take care of other thing to make it (the wedding) happen and in that way the invitation was out of the portion so who gets the invite and who do not get the invite gives trouble so I personally just decided that it is gone off the hook already and this is what I will face so I’m not surprised so all those who have felt a certain way that I have reached out and have been able to say apologies to because I can understand them perfectly this is nothing, they would just love to be there to give their support. So if they feel bitter about it I’m not sure it’s not coming from a wrong part but it is coming from that aspect where they will have only loved to give their support and I not even inviting them make them feel some way and I know how that thing feels as well because they mean good, so if they actually indeed mean good then I believe that they should forgive me by now and also understand the situation from my point of view that I would have really wanted to but I would have really wanted to keep it personal and private until the news broke out” he said.


Written By : Awin – Tee Okatakyie


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