Sonia Ogbonna replies follower who accused her of not dressingacting like a married woman

Sonia Ogbonna, wife of Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna has always been at the brunt of followers’ jab, especially for her mode of dressing and she always know how to respond to them in constructive ways.

This time around, she had words for a follower who asked when she will start looking like a married woman, wondering what message she is passing to young girls.

Sharing the question sent to her by the said follower, the mother of one wrote:

Message is very simple: you are a QUEEN. And marriage is not an the ultimate life achievement nor validation of a woman’s worth ,nether is a curse. So keep looking like a QUEEN that you are forever & ever. Stay fly ,stop shows everywhere you go and love you some you and your life will become more fun,beautiful & fulfilled and yes, other women’s appearance wont get at you in a negative way no more. #SlaySista A woman too is a human being and yes she too has only one life to live. Stop supporting oppression,it’s enough we gotta deal with period every month ?#SoniaOgbonna

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