Some friends thought I wouldn’t survive when I was shot – Charles Okocha, aka Igwe 2pac

Some friends thought I wouldn’t survive when I was shot – Charles Okocha, aka Igwe 2pac

Some friends thought I wouldn’t survive when I was shot – Charles Okocha, aka Igwe 2pac

Popular actor and rapper, Charles Okocha, aka Igwe 2pac have revealed how he came up with the now-viral accolade video. He also spoke about his dream women and his love for his mother.

Excerpts from his interview with Punch

What motivated your skit, Accolade?

Nothing actually; it was just something I came up with randomly. When I look at some people who have worked really hard and nobody ever acknowledged them, it makes me feel bad. So, I just did the video to let everyone know that hard-working people should be appreciated and acknowledged. I was surprised that it went viral but I am happy that I came up with something that a lot of people are inspired by and can also relate to.

What is your educational qualification?

I studied Business Administration at Delta State University, Abraka.

How did you come up with the name Igwe 2pac?

I adopted the name from a movie I featured in. In the movie, I played the role of a rebel and that was the movie that brought me to the limelight.

What is the name of the first movie you featured in?

The first movie I featured in was titled Wasted Years, in 2001. It was produced and directed by Teco Benson. I played a scene in the movie alongside the late Justus Esiri and many other fantastic actors.

You also have interest in music. How did you develop the interest in that area?

I have always been passionate about music but I haven’t just had the opportunity to explore the passion. When I was much younger, I listened to musicians like Fela, Majek Fashek and Jay Z but the acting career came along and I had to put my passion for music on hold. Now, I am ready to do music.

You recently did a video with Anita Joseph, where she was shaking her bum. What kind of relationship do you have with her?

We are not in any kind of relationship. We are just colleagues and good friends; nothing more than that.

There was a video of you spraying money on your mother. What made you do that?

I love my mother so much and I can do anything for her. I was just appreciating her because she did her best for me. She has paid her dues and there is no accolade that will be enough for her. I was also trying to make other people appreciate their mothers because there are people who will give anything for their mothers to be alive. If your mother is still alive, always appreciate her and make her happy. My mum trained me and stood by me to this point. Whatever I do is to make her happy and put a smile on her face. My mother is my priority before any woman comes in and I will keep making her proud. I don’t joke with her.

How did you come about the slang, ‘Shove it up your ass?’

It was a skit I came up with last year. I actually said it to a hater who commented on my social media page and insulted my mother. At that time, I was in the United States. So; I did a short video to address my haters. If anyone wants to advise me, the person should send a private message to me and not write hateful things on my page.

How many singles do you have?

I have released about four singles, including Shove it up your ass, Nunu, Amoshine (we would be shooting the video in America soon) and Mr Accolade. The video will be shot by Clearance Peters.

You once survived a gun attack. Can you recall the experience?

It was a case of accidental discharge. A mobile policeman saw me and was very excited; so, he shot into the air as a form of salute to appreciate my work. However, the gun fell off his hands; so, I sustained multiple gunshot wounds at close range. But it was not intentional.

Should we be expecting an album from you soon?

Yes, I am still recording more singles and by November or December, my album will be out.

Aside entertainment, what other business do you engage in?

I am about to open my clothing line. I love entertainment and I am looking forward to starting a reality show that will inspire the youth. My colleagues will also be part of it and a lot of money is involved. Now, we need sponsors. I am not an Internet fraudster. I work very hard for all that I have.

What qualities do you admire in women?

I like a humble woman who fears God. I love women who are real and don’t wear a lot of make-up. I love it when a woman appreciates her beauty. Before I can take any woman seriously, I have to see traits of godliness in her.

You seem to share a very close bond with your son. Can you tell us about your relationship?

My son is my best friend. I don’t make friends; I just like to stay on my own lane. At some point in a person’s life, you decide to be alone because of some past experiences. It is better to have no friends than to have friends who don’t wish you well. When I was shot, some of my friends thought I was never going to survive. So, they said bad things about me. But I am thankful to God that I survived and I am stronger. I am close to my son and I don’t joke with him.

Will you marry your son’s mother?

When the time comes, everyone will know. But for now, let’s just not talk about that.

What are your aspirations?

I want to get closer to God and someday, I may end up becoming a pastor. It would be a delight winning souls for the kingdom of God and worshipping His holy name.

How do you relax?

I am always relaxing. I could just decide to relax in any cool place but most times, I relax at VIP lounges.

How do you like to dress?

I love simplicity. I wear whatever suits me and makes me comfortable. I don’t like traditional wears because I am not comfortable in them. I prefer jeans and a nice shirt.

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