Save The Dying Industry! Agya Koo Advices Producers To Team Up And Subsribe To One Channel

On March 20, 2018, followed the stakeholders meeting held at the Kumasi Culture Center. The basis for the meeting was to figure out another solution to help rebuild the Kumawood industry for the better.

According to Agya Koo, not too long ago, he was called to be part of some key personalities in the creative arts industry and they have been tasked to expedite action on resolving the movie industry challenges.

Reminding his listeners about his Agya Koo TV, he urged all movie producers to form an alliance to aid in creating one platform where all locally made movies would be uploaded on.

The popular actor further added that, this technological initiative is a pre-eminent choice to revive the ailing film industry and support producers to recoup the huge sums of money they invest in their movies.

“For me I’ve my own Agya Koo TV that is why I’m advising producers to team up and subscribe to one channel, where local movies will be uploaded and the returns come to us. That is the only option that can save our dying industry.”Agya Koo said.

Nonetheless, some of the producers and directors were not in support of Agya Koo’s digitization initiative.

According to him, the monetization of their movie contents is directed to a different source therefore film makers cannot influence that course.

“There are so many sabotages with regards to these online channels. Once we as film makers don’t have control over the search engine it becomes so difficult for the movies to be popular. We did a research to look out for online websites where Ghanaian movies are uploaded and we had 623 websites but the money doesn’t come to the owners of these movies.” A producer told Agya Koo.

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