Rick Ross On Birdman Diss: “I Hope Something Good Come From That”

Rick Ross On Birdman Diss I Hope Something Good Come From That

Rick Ross On Birdman Diss I Hope Something Good Come From That

Ross discusses “Idols Become Rivals,” “Port Of Miami 2,” and more with Complex.

Rick Ross released his 9th studio album Rather You Than Me in March, but to him, it doesn’t feel that long. “A successful album to me is when my team, my homies, every morning they’re listening to another song off the album,” he said in an interview with Complex Live. “It feels like the album came out two days ago around me. And it’s not like that all the time.”

The album has been getting a particularly warm reception from fans, both for Ross’ immaculate production ear and his choice to take on some more personal topics, most notably on “Idols Become Rivals,” a track where he criticized Birdman‘s reputation for withholding earnings from his artists.

“I just feel like us being who we are… It’s about us building together, and not necessarily tearing each other down,” he said of the song, which he argued is more of a lesson than a takedown. “A lot of people may have took that as a diss record, but for me I hope homie took something from that. I hope something good come from that. I hope that him and Wayne will be able to work out whatever it is, and anybody else that’s watching will understand there’s different ways to deal with things.”

Rozay later addressed his hinted-at Port Of Miami 2 project, which while without a release date, could be dropping very soon. “Obviously, that’s album number 10. I wanna tie it into something else real soon,” he said. “There’s a couple dates that we can do some things… this year.”

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