Review : Of ‘Play You Gala’ – Brella

Review : Of ‘Play You Gala’ - Brella

Not long ago, the 90’s bad girl trend Ebony (Reigns), dropped a hot song titled ‘Date your father’ which brought about a debate flanked by her fans and all music lovers over the lyrics of the song.

This time, Ebony has been replied with her own words by an upcoming artiste with the name Brella, a fast budding artiste.

In Brella’s song titled ‘play you gala’ the lyrics;

“If you date my father we go play you gala

wo a na wode w’ade3 3b3y3 wo ya ama

if you date my father we go play you gala

cos I and my father are one oo”.

The Lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals are the exact opposite of Ebony’s song ‘dates your father’ as well as the message that transports from it.

The lyrics; was twisted right from the feminine gender to masculine gender with a little injection to make it more fun.

The instrumentals; it’s the same but it was remade by Jay Twist and was first used by Luther on ‘Date your mother’ which was also a reply to Ebony’s song.

The vocals; has a similarity to Ebony‘s but the only differences in them was the slight masculine base voice from Brella.

Brella’s Reply seems to bury the one from Luther’s “Date your mother” which he termed a reply to my girlfriend.

All the same, everything from Instrumentation to the vocals and the mixing were all on point. Notwithstanding, the song is also as contentious as Ebony’s.

In all, the three songs, thus; the original version from Ebony and the other two from Luther and Brella are all good but all controversial as well.


Listen to the mp3 below :


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Written by : Awin – Tee Okatakyie


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