Reverse your curse on me or ‘die’ – Nicholas Omane Acheampong to Mr. Beautiful

Reverse your curse on me or 'die' - Nicholas Omane Acheampong to Mr. Beautiful

Gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong, says he is still alive despite the curse placed on him by actor Clement Bonney aka Mr. Beautiful. According to him, not a single strand of hair has fallen off his head and he will insist that, ”I will not die before my time”.

He has also disputed claims that his latest track was recorded to attack Mr. Beautiful who traded insults with him on the same show few weeks ago. Mr. Beautiful had stated that he was angry at the “Tabitha Kum” singer for allegedly speaking ill of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

The musician was reported to have benefited from the fleet of cars donated to some celebrities by Prophet Kobi but according to Mr.Beautiful, the gospel act was not being truthful about the circumstances surrounding the vehicle gift. Mr. Beautiful cursed the musician and told him he will crash to death with the car but Nicholas Omane Acheampong says he will not die before his time.

He also disclosed that he was not an active member of the Glorious Wave Revival Ministries but was a visiting member. ‘’I was not really a church member but I had a good relationship with the Prophet. I had been with Prophet Kobi for over 15 years.’ He can vouch for my loyalty.’’

According to him, he was an active member of the Catholic Church but due to his music career, he had to move to the Charismatic Church. Nicholas Omane Acheampong said he will not comment on the banter that went on between him and Mr. Beaitful but has advised him to revoke his curse or face the consequences. ‘’Tell Mr. Beautiful to find a way to reverse the curse otherwise the curse will work, however; it will bounce back to him.

I have nothing against him. He has not given me anything before and so I will advice Mr. Beautiful, to reverse the curse or it will hit him. Those who know Mr. Beautiful should call and advise him,” he stated, On the car that led to the curse, he revealed to the host that three weeks after he was gifted with the car, it was taken away from him and a new one replaced and so, ”I will ask the media to go and ask Mr. Beautiful to explain his allegations because whatever he said some few weeks ago, were unfounded and baseless.

‘’The Prophet said he never asked Mr. Beautiful to make those comments and so Mr. Beautiful should reverse his curse. The curse will not affect me but him,’’ he stressed


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