Ramsey Noah The Face Of Blue Band Margarine At Age 8 (Throwback Photo)

Ramsey Noah The Face Of Blue Band Margarine At Age 8 (Throwback Photo)

Veteran Nigerian actor, Ramsey Noah, has spilled some secret we never knew all these years. Sharing a photo of Blue Band margarine, Ramsey Noah disclosed that he was the brand’s face at 8.

According to the celebrated actor, looking back on how tedious the video shoot for the brand’s commercial was, made him realize the comfort of filming today. He wrote;

Guess what??….
So that’s me at the age of 8 back then when I was a brand face for BLUE BAND. Clearly, God had destined me to be in the limelight from my mother’s womb.
Looking back to how tedious the video and still shoot of the commercial was made me realize the comfort of filming today lol. It was a massive camera, and the lights were so huge, emanating heat that can roast croaker fish. I was sweating so much, they took off my clothes to iron off the sweat more than four times …it wasn’t funny at all.
And here I am feeling all nostalgic about it and the growth of our industry from then till date.
A part of my inside I thought I should share. Thanks for reading

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