Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi’s brother dies after 19 years of substance abuse

Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi's brother dies after 19 years of substance abuse


– Eric Omond’s brother Joseph struggled with cocaine and other substance addiction for the past 19 years

– His drug abuse problem started way back when he was still in high school

– The comedian had just tracked him down and was excited about it

– NACADA through Chipukeezy had promised to help Eric’s brother fight his substance abuse problem

Comedian Eric Omondi’s elder brother, Joseph Onyango Omondi, is no more. The comedian’s blood brother died on Tuesday, June 19, at around 3 am, after 19 years of struggling with substance abuse. News of Onyango’s demise was first made public by the comedian who found him a day ago and had picked on a journey to take him through rehab. Erico wrote: ”This is not the last image I would have wanted to post of my brother. But this is definitely the image I want every young person in this country to see! Joseph Onyango Omondi passed on this morning around 3 am barely 12 hours after I found him in downtown River Road.” According to the comedian, his brother was addicted to hard substances and had been in and out of rehab for almost 20 years. ”He was addicted to c*caine and other substances and was in and out of rehab for the past 19 years. May God himself take charge. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to help,” he added.

An elated Erico had taken to social media to express how happy he was to finally locate his brother who had been on the run, evading help from family members. On an Instagram post seen by NIGERIALEAKS.com on Monday, June 19, the witty comedian revealed that his brother’s substance abuse problem dated back to his days in high school.


Eric was excited he had found his kin and that the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) through newly appointed board member Chipukeezy had even promised to help Joseph out of his torrid life.

However, as fate would have it, the comedian and his family lost Joseph just when he was back into their lives before NACADA could provide help.

Eric Omondi’s other brother Fred Omondi joined his brother in mourning their late sibling.


”May the Almighty grant us strength and put your soul at a better place. Till we meet again,” he wrote.


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