Pappy Kojo denies Yvonne Nelson

Pappy Kojo denies Yvonne Nelson

It is no secret that Hip-Hop artiste, Pappy Kojo and actress were very close at some point in time.

The two have been photographed on countless occasions in the company of each other.

And it is with Ghanaians, questions have arisen concerning the actual relationship between the two.

In an attempt to put rumours of an amorous relationship between them to bed, the rapper has categorically denied Yvonne Nelson.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix on Tuesday, he stated he had never dated her but failed to explain the reason for the closeness.

According to him, the only Yvonne he ever dated was ‘Yvonne Melson’ who he claims is from Takoradi. His explanation, however sounds weird considering that he has a line in his ‘Awoa’ track which goes like “Yvonne Nelson…Se me nya no me nfa nkyen” which can be translated in English as “Yvonne I won’t spare if I get her” .


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