Old men and women who dye their hair will go to hell – Kumchacha

Old men and women who dye their hair will go to hell - Kumchacha

Popular Man of God, Nicholas Osei who doubles as the Leader and Founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministry has stated categorically that old men and women who dye their hair for promiscuous reasons are bound for hell fire.

Speaking in an interview with the host of Kofi TV, the Man of God explained that the Bible stated in Proverbs 20:29 that, “The glory of young men is their strength and the beauty of old men is the gray head”.

The pastor, however, indicated that infidelity was forcing old people to dye their hair.

He indicated that the hoary head in old age were epitomes of glory and wisdom but many old people out of lustful desires would dye their hair to be able to get in bed with younger people.

Prophet Kumchacha quizzed why an 80-year old man would fancy being called a baby by his 25-year old girlfriend if not for lustful pleasures.

He also cited the example of older women who go in for younger men to get in bed with them with the excuse that they (the older women) needed blood.

He however was quick to add that his description did not encompass all old men and women but those who sought to ‘get into the pants’ of the younger generation.

The popular and outspoken prophet also indicated that he was making strides to secure a court injunction barring people from playing the popular “One Corner” song. The pastor indicated that the lyrics of the song were meaningless and promoted promiscuity among the youth.

He added that he was alarmed at the rate at which some lives had been lost to the song and was confident that the court injunction was going to save many lives.

The “One Corner” song which was sung by Patapaa has slowly risen to become the most talked-about song in the country. It has been associated with a very rigorous dance.

It has been reported that a young lady lost her life after dancing to the song.

It was later revealed that the young lady had an epileptic attack while dancing to the song.


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