old-man kills his 82 year old mother for ritual purposes in Anambra

old-man kills his 82 year old mother for ritual purposes in Anambra

52 year-old-man kills his 82 year old mother for ritual purposes in Anambra

A 52-year-old man identified as Christopher Okadigbo has been arrested for killing his 82-year-old mother, Rosaline Okadigbo, at their home in Anambra East local government area and removing her left eye and heart which he intended to use for ritual.

The police arrested the suspect and his accomplice, Ameke Udolu, after the first son of the octogenarian, Chief Innocent Okadigbo, received a call from his frightened mother on May 1st to report her son, Christopher’s suspicious moves. She was found dead on May 2nd with her body parts removed.

“My mother told me on the telephone on May 1, 2018, that my younger brother, Christopher came to her apartment with one Ameke Udolu and were moving around and making comments that were highly suspicious. My mother added that she was afraid of staying alone in her house due to the kind of utterances she overheard the duo make while moving around her apartment. In the early hours of May 2, 2018, less than 24 hours after my mother’s apprehensive telephone report to me, I received another call from one Pius Aniefule that my mother was found dead in the pool of her blood. Minutes after Aniefule’s call, my brother, Christopher, who stopped relating with me since 1999, also called to inform me of the incident, claiming that he travelled to Minna, Niger State from where people at home broke the news to him.” he said

Corroborating the allegation, Aniefule said he raised an alarm, which attracted people in the neighbourhood and later telephoned his first son, Innocent on the gruesome killing of his mother.

“As people rushed to the scene, we saw Ameke Udolu coming out of one of the rooms of late Mrs. Rosaline Okadigbo’s house and we overpowered and held him. We collected his phone and uncovered some incriminating telephone communications between Udolu and Christopher, the second son of the deceased. When we got the phone, we forced him to make a call to Christopher and put on the speaker, which Christopher did not know. It was then that Christopher told Udolu to hurry down to Nteje junction if he had accomplished the job and wait for him there.”

The younger brother of the deceased, Chief Uyammadu Anaeliaku alleged that Christopher had previously been identified with fetish activities and appealed to the state government to assist the family by compelling him to exhume the charms he allegedly buried around their compound.

“My late sister Rosaline gave birth to eleven children and as we speak, only two are alive. The rest died under questionable circumstances,” he said

Both suspects are currently in police custody.

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