Obuasi Borga Exposes How The Bloody Act Happened At The Ashaiman To The World Concert

Obuasi Borga Exposes How The Bloody Act Happened At The Ashaiman To The World Concert

The 2016 edition of the Ashaiman to the world concert was massive with over 5000 population which ended up successfully without any misconduct but this year’s Ashaiman to the world met a bloody scene when an unidentified outlaw inflicted a machete wound on Dr. Louisa, the wife of StoneBwoy Burniton.

According to source the outlaw was trying to hurt Stonebwoy but the machete rather met Louisa who was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Obuasi Borga in an interview with Awen-Tee Okatakyie on ‘Chitchat Celebrity’ show gabbed about the issue concerning the ‘Ashaiman to the World’. He started by referring to the post stonebwoy shared on his page ‘Knife cuts Tru My Tent Missed Me As Target And Cuts wifey on her back side! Minutes Before I Hit Stage! But #IstillDeliveredForMypeople and Rush To The hospital right after I Got Off Stage (Copied). To him why could a thing of such nature happen to a person like StoneBwoy? And on a show like ‘Ashaiman to the world’ which was hosted by StoneBwoy himself.



‘This is uncalled for’ he stated. Where were the bodyguards of the Bhim boss when the attacker came?  Were there no other security agencies around at the time of the attack? He questioned. To him, the attacker might be from Nima and might be related to the Shatta Movement.

“StoneBwoy should be extra careful next time on which person he calls on his program because not all those who call you friend loves you” He Advised.


Written By : Awen – Tee Okatakyie


Source : Www.Showbiz.com.gh


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