Not Ensuring Unity! Obour Was Never The Right Candidate For Musica President-Appietus

Musician, music producer and sound engineer, Appiah Danquah says MUSIGA president, Obour has let Ghanaians down during his term as president of the Musicians Union of Ghana.(MUSIGA) took notice!

In an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon 102.1 FM, he expressed his disappointment in Obour for his inability to tackle some problems inherent in the music industry, eight years after being sworn in.

He said this in reaction to Obour’s comment that the industry lacks unity.

”One of the reasons why Ghana’s music industry is unable to grow properly is because the artistes are always at rivalry”, Obour lamented.

However, Appietus disagrees with this remark claiming, it is Obour’s duty to unite all these artistes.

“As the president of MUSIGA, it is his duty to ensure unity amongst all Ghanaian artistes. What stops Obour from calling all music makers, outlining the problems and finding the solutions to them”, he said.

He further said, if artistes fail to heed to Obour’s call, they cannot be faulted, as the union has not in any way contributed to their success.

“MUSIGA has not helped anyone, if they have, then Ghanaian musicians will not disregard the union”, he stated

Appietus added that, Obour’s complains shows he was not the right candidate for the position in the first place.

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