Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare recounts how she raised her son without her babydaddy’s help

Raising a child is never easy and that’s why mothers like Yetunde Bakare are celebrated.

The joys and pains a woman goes through in order to train her child is immeasurable. Being a mother comes with several responsibilities. However, the case is worse for single parents who are all alone, saddled with the responsibilities of being parents. This was the case for popular Yoruba actress, Yetune Bakare. She recently took to social media to recount how her babydaddy left her to take care of their son alone. According to her post on Instagram, she had to sacrifice a lot just to train the boy named Motilayo. She wrote on Instagram: “Honestly I Deserve Numerous Accolades I Single Handedly Raised You And I Can Boldly/Proudly Say I Don’t Owe Any Man A Dime Over You! Right From When You’re In The Womb Till Now It Has Always Been God And My Family ❤ Y’all Don’t Want To Know What I Sacrificed To See Him Grow/Educated And Happy And I Did Everything Without Hoeing Around!

Yes I Mean Without Doing Pay As You Go Or Begging ….. He Left Us But God Didn’t Leave Us Now I’m More Confidant That I Can Raise More Kids Without Any Man He Left Us But It’s His Loss Because Right Now I Cant Even Share You With No Baga! I Named You MOTILAYO And Indeed I Have Joy… My World Famous Genius In Massive Advance AREMU MI Few More Hours To Go…. ”

In a country like Nigeria where single mothers are tagged promiscuous and irresponsible, single mothers often face challenges. However, Yetunde makes no effort to hide the fact that she is proud of being a single mother who seems to be doing a great job with raising the boy.


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