Nollywood actress Rita Nzelu’s family returns N70 bride price to their ex in-laws

In recent times, several cases of crashed marriages have been reported in amongst Nigerian celebrities. Some are due to alleged infidelity rumours while others may be due to lack of understanding. earlier reported that the 14-year-old marriage between veteran movie star Rita Nzelu and Simeon Okoro has crashed. Rumor has it that the marriage crashed due to infidelity allegations. Following the approval of both parties to end their marriage, the actress finally returned the bride price her estranged husband paid many years back.

Nzelu was said to have returned the sum of N70 for the bride price initially paid to Okoro’s family. However, the family has confirmed the payment which was done in February. Sources disclosed that the marriage started having issues as a result of infidelity coupled with the fact that the actress insisted on not burying her career. However, when the actress got married she decided to build her home first and then return to movies later but that plan only lasted for 10 years. Nzelu temporarily left the industry to attend to family first but since she returned some years back, it has not been easy for the couple as they failed to be reconciled.

The family has dissolved the marriage by performing all necessary traditional rites and leaving the couple to move on with the divorce, legally.


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