No ban on ‘Wo’ music video – Olamide

No ban on 'Wo' music video - Olamide

A music video by renowned Nigerian artist Olamide caught the eye of the Federal Ministry of Health for allegedly violating the Tobacco Control Act.

It is a song that will make you move your feet but it has caused some controversy in Nigeria.

The award-winning Olamide wanted to show the lifestyle in the area he grew up, in the video for his hit song Wo.

The video, which has close to one million views on YouTube, has a scene showing young people smoking.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Health tweeted that this violated the country’s Tobacco Control Act, and reports alleged that the song was banned by the National Broadcasting Commission.

But a spokesperson for the commission has confirmed to the BBC that there was never a ban on the music video.

And Olamide retweeted a tweet to this effect:

Olamide has edited his video with a tobacco health warning and an age restriction on television.

He tweeted:


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