Nina will undergo moral rehabilitation – IMSU vice-chancellor says

– BBNaija housemate Nina has been promised a moral rehabilitation after she leaves the house

– The promise was made by the vice-chancellor of Nina’s school, Imo State University

– According to the vice-chancellor, Nina has picked up immoral behaviour since her arrival in the house

The vice-chancellor of Imo State University Adaobi Obasi has reportedly promised Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Nina a moral rehabilitation when she gets back home. Obasi was reported to have made the promise in a bid to purge the housemate who is a student of Imo State University (IMSU) of any immoral behaviour that she might have picked up from the house. IMSU vice-chancellor further stated that she doesn’t see the importance of the Big Brother Naija show.

While speaking to journalists in Owerri, Imo state, the vice-chancellor stated that the Big Brother show teaches people immoral behaviour, adding that the show teaches people to have intercourse in public. She revealed that she would put in place methods to purge Nina and stop her from influencing other students with what she might have picked up from staying in the house.

Read interview below: “As we have a lot to do, you too have a lot to do. One of my students is now in Big Brother Naija. It is not the type of thing I am saying because I don’t see the need. I am talking of something positive; something that will help. We are praying, I told some people that this lady, whatever influence that she has, does not affect my other students here, my daughters here. We give something that will yield something. I never know what that BBN, the morals it is teaching. Maybe I am the only one out there. I don’t know what it is teaching us. Is it to have s*x in the public? So, this is my own opinion and I hold onto it. Can you imagine my student telling them that she will sort us out here. We are waiting for her to come and sort us out. Didn’t you listen to her, that she would sort us out. When she finishes, let her come home and sort us out. If this girl comes back, I will watch her and make sure she has dropped those influences. I know I sent out some girls to America for leadership training. I allowed them upon return to teach others. This is the type of thing I want us to do. I will watch her and I will make sure she has dropped that influence.

We have never had hostels, but those hostels are ready now. I am taking the first year girls to the hostels because I can say they are intact. We can work from anywhere to do something. I have a passion for IMSU. If I leave it where I found it, generations will be against me.”



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