Nigerian writer lists reasons why husbands Should pay their stay at home wives salary

Nigerian writer lists reasons why husbands Should pay their stay at home wives salary

Nigerian writer lists reasons why husbands Should pay their stay at home wives salary

A Nigerian writer, Ozzy Etomi has sparked up a debate on Twitter on whether husbands should pay their stay at home wives salary.

She also listed the reasons why she thinks husbands should pay their wives salary and even suggested they have a pension plan.

Read her reasons and tell us what you think below …

Read her reasons below (Brace yourself, it’s quite lenghty);

Husband is away, Nanny had an emergency, had to work from home today while handling an extremely precocious 10-month-old. I’d pick going to work over staying in with a baby/toddler all day. Stay at home mom’s dont get enough appreciation, admiration or respect. PAY YOUR WIVES.

I truly believe stay at home mothers should earn a salary, paid by their husbands. I don’t want to start another Twitter war, so instead, I will write an article about this because I can ignore medium comments ? I also believe they should insist on pension payments.

Why? Because more often than not, the exchange that is meant to be occurring is that husbands are “working for the family”, while the woman is manning the domestic/childcare homefront. But the reality, especially in Africa is that husbands are working for themselves.

Wives hardly ever have unmonitored & unrestricted access to the man’s earnings. A lot of us get to enjoy the “trappings” without actually being in control of any considerable assets. You enjoy benevolent gifts & ppl say “you’re lucky your husband is generous”.

But in truth, it is not generosity. It is YOUR money too. That is the agreement. The wealth gap never closes because as husbands get richer, wives do not get richer. Stay at home wives do not get their monthly share of their husband’s salary as theirs to keep/ save/ invest.

A lot of women with wealthy husbands get tickets bought, houses to stay in, clothes & expensive gifts, and “spending money”. But most times do not have 2 cents to rub together without their husbands despite working together to build up the family for years. It is HIS money.

Thennnnn after years of being married, that nigga dies and lives everything to the kids. And then the cycle starts over with your children handing you pocket money. I’ve already said too much. Men, pay your wives sha. Build up her wealth too. Let her have a retirement plan.

It’s not a curse to stay home and take care of kids, women shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

When she does that, she is still using many considerable skills to keep the home organized, the house finances straight, making sure the kids are good, keeping staff in line, etc. She is doing a LOT OF WORK which is essentially unpaid labour.

You, on the other hand, are doing a lot of work which you are freed up to do because you don’t have to worry about your home or your kids. When you bring home your share aka the finances. It is for

you & your wife & kids. Not yours to mete out as you see fit.Ozzy Etomi
Your wife, being someone who is at home, is not EARNING AN INCOME. Therefore if you’re income isn’t shared fairly with her, she is essentially living a life of poverty only offset by your ‘generosity’ and those are the men who even bother giving their wives an ‘allowance’.

In a good % of this situation, women make money off skimming off the top of household expenses they have to inflate just to get extra money. Which is why when couples break up after years of marriage, or when a man dies, their wives can barely afford to take care of the kids.

Your wife deserves her fair share of your salary. Choosing to focus on the home/kids shouldn’t result in financial exclusion for women as it often does. Suggest to me than other ways in which a full-time stay at home mother can grow wealth, have investments and savings?

I have seen too often in many ppls situations how the household budget doesn’t include the wife. Everyone gets taken into consideration except her. There is money for kids. Money for feeding. Money for house expenses. Staff gets paid.

But the woman is doing/supervising the cooking, shopping, managing, organizing, caring, etc, working herself to the bone exhausted every day for FREE, and the general sentiment is “what do you need YOUR own separate money for, everything is paid for” like she isn’t her own person

Man, whatever, examine the lives of many couples around you and you know what I’m saying is true. Men spend the family money whenever and however they please with little or no permission. “Oh I feel like a new watch”..BAM!

But you see women strategizing how best to ask/request money for their husbands especially when it is something that is simply for them and not tied to household or kids. Thesis & speeches justifying the spend. Its such a scam.


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