Nigerian man cries out on getting threats from Davido over unpaid debt

– A Nigerian man named Micheal Kaycee has alleged that popular musician, Davido wants to kill him earlier shared details of how a Nigerian man named Micheal Kaycee alleged that singer, Davido has been owing him N60 million since 2011 and has refused to pay. Kaycee shared the details on social media, soliciting the help of Nigerians in persuading Davido to pay up. In response to his accusations, Davido laughed at Kaycee publicly without necessarily addressing the issue. The angered Kaycee who appears to have tried all ways to get his money but all to no avail, also put out another video of the singer threatening him over the phone as well as placing curses on him. In the video, a voice is heard claiming to be Davide, boldy cursing and wishing death on the caller. He said: “Hello G, this David. If you want to come to die, come to my house. God will punish your whole family, your mother, everybody, your future children, they will die. You’re a b*stard, come to my father’s house or office, you will die, God will punish you. Your father!”

Watch an alleged David threaten Kaycee on the phone below:

Kaycee has cried out, saying he is indeed scared for his life as thugs who are loyal to the singer, will willingly carry out the threats.

Meanwhile, Davido who is always singing about having N30 billion in his account recently showed off his OBO diamond encrusted chain said to be worth N60 million.


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