Nigerian lady cursed by parents after she became pregnant out of wedlock becomes the family’s breadwinner

Nigerian lady cursed by parents after she became pregnant out of wedlock becomes the family's breadwinner

A lady who was let down by her parents after she got pregnant before marriage, has become a manager and now takes care of her parents and siblings.

Ogbaji Comfort got pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to a baby girl. This angered her parents and her mother placed a curse on her. Both parents abandoned her and refused to sponsor her education. But she worked to see herself through school, according to a story she shared.

Her problems continued when she tried to get a job. She was abused physically, sexually, and emotionally by her bosses. Eventually, she got a job as a cook in a company and rose from being the cook to being the manager of the company. She now takes care of her parents and siblings who abandoned her initially, according to her.

She shared her grass to grace story to encourage people who are suicidal as a result of problems they are currently facing.

Sharing her story on Instagram, she wrote:

I thank God for who I am today. I taught I have seen it all, after having a baby out of wedlock, rejected by my parents.

My mum placed a cursed on me out of anger for getting pregnant out of wedlock as the only daughter.

After childbirth, I applied for national diploma without a penny in my pocket. I was given an admission, I went home to tell my dad, my dad said he is not ready to waste money again, my brother became the most loved. But I didn’t give up.

I went to school with faith, I sell sachet water for money, from the sachet water I started making hair, fixing nails and lashes for money. Every Friday I will go to the market to hawk for money.

After my ND certificate. I went to Lagos, my life in Lagos started as a house help. I was beaten to come by my boss for drinking water from the water dispenser instead drinking tap water. He used my salary to pay my hospital bills, I went back to my cousin house.

Life in Lagos was terrible, I was raped, scammed, sexually abused. One day I received a call from my agent, I went for the interview, got the job as a chef in a hotel outside Lagos, from the chef I became the manager.

I went back to the village enrolled my daughter into the best school in taraba state, started paying my elder brother school fees. Now he is a graduate of biochemistry, started a business for my mother also supported father in his farming business.

Am now the breadwinner of the family, nothing happens without my approval. Suicide is not an option, don’t give up

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