Nigerian couple set to renew marriage vows releases pre-wedding photos

– Military man and wife release hot photos as they plan to renew their marriage vows – The hot couple are set to hold a special event on their 25th anniversary date – After 25 years of marriage and three children they have nothing but more love for each other Nigerian couple have taken over the internet with their second pre-wedding photos. After 25 years of a blissful marriage, blessed wit three children, Sheila and her military husband plan to renew their vows to each other.

As the plans run on full gear, they release their official second pre-wedding photos on social media. The adorable photos featured their three lovely children. Sheila shared the photos on her social media page as she revealed that it’s been 25 years of happiness. The grown bride-to-be also shared a throwback photo of how it all started and we can’t get enough of the cuteness.

Sheila and her man started in 19992 and today, they have more than enough to be grateful for, including good health and wealth.

As they plan to recommit to themselves, their photos shared on social media has given a lot of people hope and inspiration on true friendship and love filled marriage.




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