Mimi Orjiekwe celebrates her daughter’s 1st birthday with cute photos

Mimi Orjiekwe celebrates her daughter’s 1st birthday with cute photos

Actress Mimi Orjiekwe, took to her Instagram page to celebrate her daughter Jasmine who turned a year older today with very stylish and stunning photos.

From cladding her up in fashionable dresses to dedicating an Instagram page to the beautiful girl, the motherly love is very glaring.

Well, Mimi Orjiekwe has cause to celebrate Jasmine again as she marks her 1st birthday. The beautiful actress organized a photoshoot for herself and daughter in honour of her 1st birthday. Mimi Orjiekwe has taken to social media to celebrate Jasmine with stunning photos and beautiful messages as well.

Sharing photos from the floral mommy and daughter princess themed shoot, she showered her daughter with beautiful words and blessings.

Sharing this amazing photo, she captioned it with a powerful prayer of blessings and gratitude.

She wrote:

Heavenly Father, I come before you today to give thanks and praise to you for the amazing creation of Jasmine Udego ..Thank you for bringing such a wonderful and sweet girl into my life and into all the lives that she has already touched with her smiling face and beautiful spirit. It is easy for me to think that I am the person who brought her into this world and that she is mine, but please help me to remember that she is Yours, and you have given me the privilege and challenge of being her earthly mother. Though she may look like her father and I, you knit her together in my womb and know everything about her, and the plan YOU have for her life is the one I pray you help me to lead her toward. It has been an amazing first year with my daughter, and I thank you for being by my side every step of the way to help give me wisdom and strength to be a mother. Continue to shower me with love, patience and wisdom for the years to come.

I ask that you be with sweet Jazzy all the days of her life. Show her your presence and keep her heart pure so that she can see YOU. Help her to remain healthy and strong in her body and mind to ready her for all the amazing things you have in mind for her to accomplish one day. Give her a thirst and a longing for a relationship with you and a love for others that transforms her. Give her strength to deal with life’s hardships and help her to grow from them without a bitter spirit. Protect her from Satan and the traps he likes to set for those of us on this earth. Lord, I thank you again for my Baby and all the joy she brings to my life. She is a wonderful addition to my earthly family, and I cannot tell you how YOUR plan for my life and now hers AMAZES me. AMAZES ME. Thank you for all you have taught me this year about love and relationships. Be with My daughter !!Grow her up in your loving arms. It is the precious name of your Son Jesus that I can come to you in prayer today, Amen Mum.

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