Meet Abeiku Santana’s beautiful wife

Meet Abeiku Santana’s beautiful wife

Meet Abeiku Santana’s beautiful wife

Abeiku is married to Genevieve, an extremely beautiful and super gorgeous woman after he divorced his first wife, Maggie.

Abeiku Santana’s wedding with Genevieve in October 2013 was spectacular and the talk of town not only because of the celebrities that graced the event but also for the romantic words and promises that were made by Abeiku on that Day.

Among other things, Abeiku Santana said: “Gene is a gift from God and we being together again is by the divine grace of God.I have known Gene in Kumasi since 2001 before coming to Accra where I met and married Maggie, my ex. As God’s ways are not our ways and luck being on my side, Gene was still single so I took that bold step, proposed and she accepted. Will always love her and only her.”

It, therefore, came as a shock when Ghanaians woke up today to the breaking news that one of the ladies Abeiku Santana has been chasing on Instagram has out of anger through GhanaCelebrities published the romantic chat the married Abeiku Santana had with her.

As to what pushed such a man with such a beautiful family to go about rushing young girls and demanding for nude pictures may never be known. It could be he is just a womanizer but the public never knew because of his hypocrisy.

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