Maurice Ampaw reveals how much prostitutes charge for sex

Maurice Ampaw reveals how much prostitutes charge for sex

Maurice Ampaw reveals how much prostitutes charge for sex

Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has disclosed the amount commercial sex workers charge for their services.

According to the “Celebrity Lawyer”, the amount charged by prostitutes depends on the type of sex and how long the man wants to last during the intercourse.

He said, some of the prostitutes take GHC50 which is the cheapest amount, for sex that does not involve kissing, touching and fondling.

“I have done research on that and I know that some of the prostitutes take GHC50 for short time; even that one there’s no kissing and touching involved and it lasts for at most two minutes,” he said.

Mr. Ampaw explained that, for a man to have a full night with a prostitute and be able to satisfy his libido, he is required to pay not less than GHC150.

“We also have full night. That one you can play all the sexual games with the lady. They charge from at least GHC150 and GHC200, and even some charge in dollars,” he revealed.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw was speaking on “BO ME NKOMO” with Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) on why husbands have to compensate their wives when they file for divorce in court.

He said, it is necessary for a husband who is requesting for annulment of marriage to pay damages to his wife because he had had sexual intercourse with her on several occasions and in most cases has produced babies with her.

“If a man pays GHC50 and GHC150 to a prostitute for just a short sexual encounter, how much more a woman he married for almost 25years and have been having sex with her every day when he feels for it? So court can quantify the number of years you had sex with her and then demand that you compensate her,” he stressed.

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