Man Up! Black Star Player, Edwin Gyimah Accused of Impregnating Lady & Neglecting Baby

Ghana is not new to scandalous news about footballers, getting women pregnant all over the world. Ghanaian professional footballer, Edwin Gyimah, who currently plays for the South African side, Bidvest Wits is the latest on the list.

Nora, a woman based in Belgium is accusing him of giving birth to the footballer, who is now refusing his daddy duties. According to her, she only found out later after her pregnancy that Gyimah was already married.

Narrating her story to, Nora wrote:

“It was September 6, 2016, and I went to Russia to watch a friendly game between Ghana and Russia in Moscow. So be the match, I went to the Kempinski hotel Moscow where black stars of Ghana lodge. So I say some of the players and officials. I Met a player by the name Edwin Gyimah. I didn’t know he was a player. We talked and exchange contact. I left the following day after the match to Belgium where I based. I didn’t write or spoke with him for some time, so one day I was going through my contacts and texted him, so we started talking he was playing in South Africa, he asked to come over and a lot but I didn’t pay attention to him. We stopped chatting for a while till when he came to Sweden to play for a new club. We came in contact again, and he decided we should hook up, I didn’t want to but because of his words I believed and went to see him on the 7th of may 2017 in Sweden, he bought my flight ticket. I thought were going to see him and return. He didn’t allow me, we got to know ourselves a whole lot, and he told me he wants to marry me a lot. So something happened and through that I got pregnant, he promised a lot to care about the pregnancy and by the unborn child things, he promised to come and see my family, but when I left his place, everything changed. I got to know he’s married with kids, and I asked before he said yes. Since I got pregnant. That’s all he doesn’t care about me again, all my hospital bills, he doesn’t even care about my condition. And I don’t know any family member of him. Now I have given birth to a baby girl for about 2 months now. Not even a diaper or a cedi, he has refused to take care of his own child and has blocked me on every social media platforms. I don’t need his money I just want him to care for his daughter”

In some WhatsApp conversations Edwin tried to give Nora some reassurance that he would be supporting the baby, while in others, he just couldn’t be bothered. Here are some excerpts:

“Let me take care of the baby I will get back to you very soon please”

 “My wife has asked for a divorce because she saw the messages and what’s happening between us. Is been two weeks now not seeing them because she left doesn’t and I want me to see them. “

 “U can go around telling the whole world about me but if my problems are not fixed how can I fix someone’s own. She has sent me to court for a divorce so the court has urged me not to touch anything that I hv with her because everything that I have has been joint to her”

Below are excerpts from a WhatsApp conversation Edwin had with Nora’s cousin, who is a mutual friend.

“Hi morning,

Nora came in my and showed me, love , the luv she had for me was real, so I don’t have any intentions of treating her bad or not attending to her needs. There are some things happening now and is affecting me. Is not everything that I can tell Nora but sometimes she feels like I have ignored her and not fulfilling my promise. I repeat again that I have no right to treat her like this because she hasn’t done me wrong. I also have an affection for her, I know how it is in her situation even thou am not a woman.

There are something’s that are holding me back. And is hard to explain to Nora because she wouldn’t believe me.

I hv a broken home now because of what is happening between me and Nora. I can’t be so wicked not to even send her 100 euros, just saying.

There are something’s I need to tell her and discuss with her and I promise I will tell u the same thing. I couldn’t sleep the whole of last night. Because I have been thinking about so many things especially Nora.”


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