Maggots ooze out of houseboy’s penis after he slept with his employer’s wife (Video)

Maggots ooze out of houseboy's penis after he slept with his employer's wife (Video)

A disturbing video has been shared online showing a houseboy writhing in agony as maggots ooze out of his penis allegedly after he slept with his employer’s wife.

According to reports, the man’s employer, Pascal Ouma, had warned him multiple times to desist from having sex with his estranged wife but he refused to take heed, so the employer sought the services of a witch doctor to help him deal with the houseboy.

The shocking incident reportedly happened in Busia County, Kenya. According to K24, the houseboy is said to have bragged about his prowess in the bedroom a number of times despite being warned by Pascal Ouma.

In the video shared online by K24, the houseboy is seen to be in pain as he confessed and pleaded for forgiveness.

Watch the video below.


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