Linda Ikeji’s brother Peks boasts about luxury life, Europe tour and ‘girls’

Peks Ikeji is living the good life and wants everyone to know!

While Linda Ikeji and Laura Ikeji are known in Nigerian for their journalistic and entrepreneurial skills respectively, not so much is known about their brother, Peks Ikeji. The young man who has ‘actor and comedian’ on his Instagram bio is known for boasting about his luxurious lifestyle, sharing photos of cars and exotic trips on his timeline. This time is no different. He recently took to Instagram to share with his fans his touring experience. Naming Ibiza, Europe and America; which he said is a second home to him, he revealed that the tours were amazing and the naked girls too.

Since he claims to be a comedian, some people were confused about whether he was actually being sarcastic or simply being his typical self; boasting about his life which is filled with affluence.

See reactions below:

Linda Ikeji's brother Peksi boasts about luxury life, Europe tour and 'girls'

Whatever the case is, Peks sure knows how to get people talking. A while back, reported the news of how he caused a stir on social media after he stated that women make better breadwinners than men.

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