Let’s be aggressive in promoting Ghanaian music worldwide – Bola Ray

Let’s be aggressive in promoting Ghanaian music worldwide – Bola Ray

A former host of Drive Time on Joy FM, Nathan Kwabena Adisi, better known as Bola Ray, is championing the establishment of a road map to get creative works to feature predominantly on the world stage.

The CEO of EIB Network in an interview with Doreen Avio charged the nation to be aggressive in pushing Ghanaian music to the global market.

“I think that we should also be aggressive enough to push into that space. I wish we can do something about it,” he said.

Responding to the concerns that Nigerian music dominates the Ghanaian industry, the radio personality noted that Nigerians are confident in what they produce and go to any length to market it.

“It is all about confidence…Nigerians are travelling into our country and promoting their music, what stops us from going out there,” he asked.

According to Bola Ray, Ghanaian acts are talented enough to have their works feature on big stages such as the Grammys.

He, however, asked industry players and government to draw a plan to achieve this.

“We need a concerted effort…Let’s get Ministry of Tourism and go out there and showcase our stars. MUSIGA [Musicians Union of Ghana] should get involved there more,” he urged.

Bola Ray, who is currently promoting his new book ‘It is Possible, the Bola Ray story’ mentioned that Ghana needs to have a well-laid out plan to catapult our creative works to the world stage.


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