Legalise wee – Reggie Rockstone advises

Legalise wee - Reggie Rockstone advises

Godfather of Hiplife, Reginald Yaw Asante Osei, known in showbiz spheres as Reggie Rockstone, member of the VVIP music group, has joined calls by Abeiku Santana and Blakk Rasta for the legalization of the use of marijuana popularly called “wee” in Ghana.

In an interview on Peace FM’s entertainment news dubbed “Anigye3 Kase3b)” with Sammy Kumah (Sammy Kay), Reggie Rockstone said, the economic potential of marijuana is huge hence is about time our authorities take a firm decision on taking advantage of the herb.

“Do you know how much revenue Ghana could derive from “wee”, go to Amsterdam and see for yourself, I know people who use to smoke from my infancy and they are still alive kicking strong and healthy.

“We in a country where people drink alcohol and misbehave but still producers of alcoholic drinks have been given the license to operate and advertise on radio and TV, so why do we criminalize marijuana, this hypocrisy must stop” Reggie Rockstone stated.

The Godfather of Hiplife added that, “when I visit the ghettos, I see the kind of hard drugs people are patronizing and I marvel, so whether we like it or not people are already using it, I own a club so I know what am talking about, are people trying to tell me that Bob Marley was crazy because he smoked wee, no………” Reggie Rockstone stated.

VVIP has released a new single called “koliko” accompanied with an amazing video which is currently receiving massive airplay on radio and in the clubs across the country.


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