Kalybos flaunts his wealth on social media

Kalybos flaunts his wealth on social media

After enriching himself in comedy series, Richard Asante popularly known as Kalybos has flaunt his wealth on social media with stunning pictures.

Kalybos who entered into the comedy industry while a student at NAFTi, took to his social media handles flaunting his cars.

With his long ash-dark apparel, the comedian stood by his cars parked in the garage with his dark spectacle on.

Displaying his G Wagon cars, he wrote on his Instagram page, “You need to know that, whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. So make their work difficult by aiming and going higher.”

One of his popular comedy series is “Boys Kasa.”

The most sort after comic actor has his name Kalybos, coined from several words, Kwaku (K) which is, his birth name, Asante (A) which is his surname, Lady (L) the name of his big sister and Yaa (y) the name of his last sister, and because he wanted to be a Boss, he added that to the initials.

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