Insider from Miracle’s camp advises Nina to focus on building her brand, she responds

Insider from Miracle’s camp advises Nina to focus on building her brand, she responds

– A social media user recently gave ex-housemate, Nina a rather interesting advise

– She warned the real star of her real enemies whom she thinks are on her side

– Nina, in turn, thanked her for the advice

It appears all may not be well between the camps of BBNaija finalist Nina and BBNaija winner, Miracle. Ever since leaving the Big Brother show, a lot of people expected the two to start dating or at least, take a stand on their relationship. However, things went awfully quiet between the two and at some point, many people tagged Nina a desperate girl trying to force herself on Miracle. However, a loyal fan of Nina recently took the pain of opening a new Instagram account to warn her about the situation. The follower warned her about her real enemies who were both in her camp and in Miracle’s as well. The follower went on to share surprising revelations about Miracle’s family members, stating that they don’t value her and are doing everything to break them apart.

The fan also advised Nina to re-strategize and focus on building her own brand, rather than follow in the shadows of Miracle, who the fan claims only see Nina as a fellow contestant.

Nina reacted to the post by liking the comment and thanking the follower for the advice. See post below:

This would not be the first time a fan is expressing concern over Nina’s well being as regards the people around her. Recall a while, Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky had advised the beautiful ex-housemate, not to trust everybody who laughs with her as most do not wish her well. Meanwhile, Miracle’s brother recently took to social media to clear the air surrounding the nature of the relationship between Miracle and a woman named Juliet.


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