I’m saddened by Afia Schwarzenegger’s naked video – Prophet Kumchacha

I’m saddened by Afia Schwarzenegger’s naked video – Prophet Kumchacha

Founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has stated in an interview with Kofi TV that he is disappointed in the manner in which Afia Schwarzenegger’s nude pictures and videos have been circulated.

The pastor expressed unhappiness at the incident adding that Afia’s husband should have settled for a divorce rather than recording and taking nude shots of her.

‘’One thing that has really made me sad is the fact that Afia’s nude pictures are circulating about. Afia Schwarzenegger is someone’s daughter and belongs to a family for that matter. If you think your wife or husband has committed adultery, the Bible permits you to divorce him or her. Displaying your wife’s private parts on the internet for everyone to see is never the right thing to do” he stated.

While urging Ghanaians to stop circulating the videos and chastising Afia Schwarzenegger, Kumchacha remarked that her posture after the video was leaked was not the best.

A video of Afia Schwarzenegger allegedly cheating on her husband, Maxwell Abrokwa, went viral on social media last week. The video recorded by Mr. Abrokwa captures Afia Schwarzenegger naked with only a white towel covering her torso and wearing a head scarf. She was heard and seen begging Abrokwa who threatened to douse her face with acid, not to do so.

After the video was leaked, Afia Schwarzenegger appeared unperturbed as she asked Ghanaians to continue circulating it so she trends.

Afia’s posture attracted a barrage of criticisms from a section of the public but Kumchacha believes she should not be condemned. He has prophesied that the comedienne will be an evangelist one day.

“Saul became Paul after he encountered Christ. Everything is possible under the sun. Do you know who I was and the things I did in my hometown? I was a criminal. I was a thief. I could steal to the extent that people made me the caretaker of their farms. You have no idea the number of fowls I have stolen. Look, God uses people like my type to win souls for his kingdom. The stone the builders reject, becomes the cornerstone,” he said.

“Afia will become the greatest evangelist in Ghana. Mark it on the wall. So to speak, such persons are able to preach to others to change from their evil means when they convert. God has revealed to me that Afia Schwarzenegger will be a great evangelist in Ghana. She will be the greatest and win souls for Christ. The book of Ezekiel says God doesn’t take delight in the death of the wicked. I have prophesy and it shall surely come to pass,” he added.


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