I’m not in a hurry to marry — Most Beautiful’s Ama

I’m not in a hurry to marry — Most Beautiful’s Ama

I’m not in a hurry to marry — Most Beautiful’s Ama

The Ghanaian society really treasures marriage and for the more traditional communities, being married is the biggest achievement not anything a woman does academically or career wise.

In recent times too, extravagant weddings beamed all over social media have made the situation even more desperate but winner of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Season Six, Nana Ama Agyeiwaa, says she has refused to succumb and will get married in her own time.

“You know being the first child and the only girl of my parents, I do get my mom pushing me about this marriage stuff but the point is, I am not ready yet financially. I want to be able to bring something to the table in order to have a smooth family life. I cannot leave everything to my man,” she tells Showbiz.

“Some even tell me to just have a child and I say no. They now think I am scared of committment but that is not the case. I am in a committed relationship but I am not ready to settle yet,” she added.

A newly trained child psychologist, Ama, who is now 27, tells young women not to rush into marriage if they are not ready for it.

“There is no point in letting these things get to you, you cannot avoid them but you need to defend yourself. Defend by getting your life in order. Don’t marry and be a burden on the man, get something going, get something in your account to support the man you are married to. Until then, do not allow pressure get to you,” she said.

Ama also addresses a long held perception that beauty queens are part of the class of female celebrities who find it difficult finding a life partner because they portray a high maintenance image but Ama does not think so.

“For me, I think some Ghanaian men suffer inferiority complex, they think because we are up there, we will turn them down when they approach us. They have to be bold and make their intentions known to us.

“I am not the type who ‘carries’ her crown everywhere. I drop my guard the very moment I am approaching home. I come from a very principled home where discipline, humility and respect are our hall mark so I can’t be doing beauty queen things there.”

Ama won Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant in 2010. Throughout the 10 or so weeks the pageant ran, Ama put up exceptional performances during their weekly shows and when she won, there was no opposition.

She tells Showbiz taking part in the pageant has been worth it. “I won it about 7 years ago and before, I was just a girl next door, now I am matured and truthfully, I love the woman I have grown to be and continue to be,” she said.

She, however, admits that the journey has not been easy despite how glamorous it seems to be. “It is not an easy thing, and a lot is expected of you as soon as you get the crown. I remember when I won, someone from my hometown called my mom and asked her to tell me to come and fix their road and electricity since they voted for me.

“Another thing is that here in Ghana, getting sponsorships is very difficult but once you have it figured out, you are good to go on your projects as a beauty queen,” she said.

Currently, Ama is busy working on setting up an early childhood school after completing her studies in South Africa.


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