I’ll not kiss in movies again – Majid Michel

I'll not kiss in movies again - Majid Michel

Majid Michel who used to be the loverboy of Ghanaian movies has decided to decline certain roles since Christ has arrested him.

The 2012 Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards has vowed not to kiss in movies again.

This decision was arrived at after critically thinking about his newly found job as an evangelist of the gospel.

The son of a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother speaking on Koforidua’s Bryte FM with Dr. Prekese prior to the premiere of Adam The Eve movie in the city on Saturday, October 14 stated that he is no more accepting kissing roles.

Majid who did not talk much about his new policy prior to the movie premiere added that many Ghanaians judge him by his movie characters but that is not the real him.

Adam The Eve movie which premiered in Koforidua on October 14 features Majid Michel, Ingrid Alabi, Roselyn Ngissah, Peter Richie and many others.


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