I would love to work with NAFTI again – Stephanie Benson

I would love to work with NAFTI again - Stephanie Benson

Musician, Stephanie Benson has said that despite the inability of the National Film and Television Institute to keep to their part of an agreement with her, she is still prepared to work with the institution.

The singer had revealed in an interview on the Delay Show recently that she had had to go back for donated equipment because they were not being taken care of.

She also thought that the promise made to her to give her a slot to begin her Free Music School initiative, was not being fulfilled.

However, Stanley Opoku Yeboah, who is the Director of Technical at the institution denied the singer’s claim that the donated items were in exchange for a slot to begin a free school of any sort.

According to him, the equipment which consisted of cameras, lights and some lapel microphones were donated to the school voluntarily and not as a part of a contract the singer had signed with the school.

Stephanie Benson, on the other hand, insisted she went to National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and said “listen, this is what I can do, I’ll give you this, but I want a place where I can bring the kids to come and learn.

“It was almost like a barter,” she explained.

What seemed to irk her most when she spoke to Hitz FM’s Daniella Adu Asare was the delay by the institution to give her the green light to roll out her benevolent initiative.

According to her “Every day you call and they have to get a board together, they have to do this,” which is why she went back for the equipment after three months.

Despite all the misunderstanding, the ‘Dear Lord’ singer says she is passionate about her plans to groom young girls in music and would love to work with the institution if they can begin to organize themselves and work effectively.

“I think NAFTI was a good place to be, to work with, to have a partnership with, and I still think so. If they can get their acts together, I would love to be a part of them. Because I would love to elevate what I am trying to do with my girls,” she said.

Mr Stanley Yeboah nevertheless believes that nothing would change in the duration of processing the singer’s contract even if she came back to work with the institution since they are a government institution and would need to follow the strict processes.

He however quickly added “she can come back and she is welcome.”


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