“I was inspired by the length and beauty of Bob Marley’s hair”- Dakore Akande

“I was inspired by the length and beauty of Bob Marley’s hair”- Dakore Akande

Dakore Akande nee Egbuson has revealed the struggles she went through during the course of her dreadlocks journey.

Akande, who wore long dreadlocks for 13 years until 2011, opened up during the third edition of the African Hair Summit held in Abuja on Saturday.

The actress who is an envoy of the summit came into limelight with the 2002 film ‘She-Devil’ and currently plays one of the lead characters in hit TV series ‘Fifty’.

She revealed that at the time she had the hairstyle, only a few other people had the courage to do same, adding that people thought she had mental issues or was possessed with a marine spirit, which was stereotypical for people with dreadlocks.

She added that she still went on to carry the hairstyle because she was influenced by the length and beauty of late reggae legend Bob Marley’s hair.

Akande said:

“People were wondering all sorts of things and wondered if my hair wasn’t dirty. I made sure that I kept it neat and with a nice smell and soon people started warming up to the hair. Soon, other people started to try it and now natural hair lifestyle is a movement.” she said.

Akande, encouraged participants, especially women, to accept themselves and the uniqueness of being African with the hair textures and skin tones as everyone has the power to influence.

You are an influencer, you influence people. When you do your natural hair, it can inspire the next person. I didn’t know I could inspire anybody to do anything.

“I just liked locks and decided to do it. I became the woman who had locks and it made it identified. It differentiated me from everybody else.

“When you follow your inner spirit, it’s God pushing you down your path, ” she said.

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