I Prefer Ganja To Rice – King Ayisoba

I Prefer Ganja To Rice – King Ayisoba

Albert Apoozore is an International award winning Ghanaian musician known widely as King Ayisoba who says he prefers the smoking of marijuana to eating rice because he does not feel as fine when he eats rice as the ganja does make him feel, he also stated that marijuana is like food to him.

In an interview with Nii Attractive of ghanacreativearts.com, King Ayisoba enlightened that marijuana is an ordinary herb like maize leaves, millet leaves, sorghum or any other eatable herbs which can be consumed as food so far as it does not cause harm to the body.

For some time now legalizing of marijuana has been a debate between the media and the citizen of Ghana. The former U.N secretary General Kofi Annan has also added his thought to the legalizing of it.

Some musicians in Ghana has also preach about the legalization of Marijuana in their music.


Written By : Awen – Tee Okatakyie



Source :Www.Showbiz.com.gh

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