I must have a taste of my man before marriage – Actress Sylvia Ukaatu declares


– Sylvia Ukaatu has raised eyebrows with her recent interview

– The actress has revealed why she must have intercourse before she says yes to any man

– She said it’s a fear of issues in the bedroom that has led to her declaration

In recent times, people’s perceptions of se*ual relations seem to be changing. Gone are the days when issues like pre-marital copulation could be freely discussed. One Nigerian actress is not letting anything stop her from talking about what she expects from her partner se*ually. Sylvia Ukaatu recently said she must sleep with her husband to be before they sign the dotted lines. “It’s an individual opinion but there is nothing wrong in giving in to s*x before marriage when it comes to two consensual adults who know what they want. I will give in to s*x before marriage because I can’t shout I need to know if my man is fit for the match. It is a serious business because it will be appalling to discover after marriage that my man cannot stay for five minutes in bed,” she told Vanguard.


Asked what she would do if after marriage she discovers that her man doesn’t like having intercourse. She answered that: “We must find a solution, I’m not the type of woman that sings ‘I don’t like s*x’ thereby pushing my man outside. I love s*x, so, we must find a solution if such a thing happens but God forbid that it happens.”


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