I left an ‘angel’ for a ‘snake’ – Afia Schwarzenegger’s husband

I left an 'angel' for a 'snake' – Afia Schwarzenegger's husband

Lawrence Abrokwa, the estranged husband of Afia Schwarzenegger has said leaving his ex-girlfriend for the comedienne is a “stupid” decision he will regret for the rest of his life.

“I had a girlfriend before I met and married Afia. That’s the one thing that I regret; for making such a decision because the woman that I was with was such a pleasant woman. I’ll take this opportunity to say Billy Jean I’m so sorry for making such a stupid decision. You’ll forever remain an angel because I thought I had met an angel but I was so wrong. I made a very stupid move that I’ll always regret for the rest of my life.”

Mr Abrokwa caught his wife with another man in their matrimonial home recently. The video he recorded of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Speaking about the incident for the first time, Mr Abrokwa told Kofi TV that despite rumours that he has been held in police cells for threatening to harm Afia with acid, there was nothing like that. “I haven’t been held in cells.”

He also denied leaking the video. “Yes I did record my wife but I will never do such a thing – putting my wife on social media. Who can prove that I used my Facebook page to circulate my wife’s video? I don’t know anything about the leakage of the video. Yes I took the video of which the police has a copy, Afia has a copy and I sent a copy to Afia’s father. I have no idea [who leaked it] and we are still investigating and we’ll get to the bottom of the situation.”

Asked if he still loved Afia, Mr Anrokwa said: “I’m human, OK and if you really have true love for a woman that you call your wife and something happened, definitely the love cannot just go away just like that because I truly love Afia, 100% I truly love Afia and trust me I will never ever do such a thing to Afia in spite of all that she has done to me.”

He also denied that the substance he had in a bottle with which he threated to douse Afia, was acid. “It was water just to get evidence because it’s something that has been going on all the time and when you ask her she denies all the time and the family thinks she’s an angel but let me tell you she’s a snake under grass.”

Mr Abrokwa also denied claims that he was leeching off Afia. “I don’t stay in Ghana, I work in South Africa. I visit Ghana so when I’m on a visit, it doesn’t mean I don’t work. She also sleeps in my house in South Africa when she comes over. Will Afia marry a man that doesn’t have money, that doesn’t work?”

About Afia’s claims the he was always assaulting her, Mr Abrokwa asked: “Do you think Afia won’t shout all over social media that I have beaten her if I really have been assaulting her? Won’t she have taken pictures and circulated them all over social media already? Why did she make that allegation only after I caught her cheating?

“Anytime I complained about Afia’s promiscuity, she retorts that her vagina is hers and she can do with it whatever pleases her. Is that what a wife should say to a husband?” he asked.

Responding claims by Afia that he was sleeping with their maid, Mr Abrokwa said: “The maid did nothing wrong by informing me because she was worried about Afia’s promiscuity. If Afia claims I have been sleeping with the maid all this while, why did she only make that allegation only after I caught her cheating?”

“We are not divorced, how can you bring another guy into our matrimonial bed. Listen people kill people for this. So if I meant to harm somebody, I wouldn’t have hesitated a bit in dousing them with acid because I’m not scared, I know the law.”

He also denied claims by Afia that she took a loan to sponsor their wedding in South Africa. “Where did Afia borrow money for our wedding? I paid for everything about our wedding both in South Africa and Ghana. The South Africa wedding wasn’t expensive at all so how much did Afia pay?”

Concerning their matrimonial home which Afia says belongs to her, Mr Abrokwa said “I helped Afia renovate her old house so my resources went into it.

“Afia has wronged me but I don’t have bad intentions. I’ve told her several times that I’m ready to forgive her and I’ll move on, she must also move on, we go our separate ways, any advice that I can give is: before you get married, make sure you have a very fundamental foundation before you say yes otherwise you’d be f**ked up like the situation that I’m in now.

“Afia played all nice before our marriage but she has totally changed. She’s always drunk and messing up. I’m now calling it quits with Afia. I’ve never cheated on Afia.”

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