I got an MBA to shape the narrative of entertainment personalities – Bola Ray

I got an MBA to shape the narrative of entertainment personalities – Bola Ray

I got an MBA to shape the narrative of entertainment personalities – Bola Ray

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Excellence In Broadcast Network (EIB Network), Nathaniel Adisi, known in showbiz as Bola Ray has disclosed the motive behind his desire to pursue academic laurels.

The experienced radio and TV personality stated that he pursued further studies because he wanted “to shape the narrative”.

According to him, there is the widely held notion that personalities in the entertainment industry were street people who had little interest in achieving higher academic laurels, an impression he wanted to challenge.

Speaking on primetime show, Good Evening Ghana, Bola Ray revealed “many thought being a DJ or MC or a radio presenter was for riff-raffs who had dropped out of school.”

“There were many people who blazed the trail. Komla was there, yourself, to say that it is possible combining education and having that street-wise drive,” he told Paul Adom Otchere, host of the programme, adding that “It’s not just you are a DJ who can play the biennales or the CDs and you are at that level. Let’s get out there and also be on the big stage and talk the big talk.”

The EIB CEO stressed that having additional educational qualifications broadened his horizon and made him always on top of issues.

He emphasised “look at the people on CNN, they are not just newscasters. They are people who have Masters, people who have Doctorates, and they can speak to issues and that is what we should encourage ourselves to do. It’s good to have a certificate in Journalism but we need to broaden our horizon. What can you read? Read wide. I read almost everything and I believe that it makes the discussion rich. So that when you get out there, you can DJ but when you people will be like who is this guy?”

He admitted that his quest for more knowledge is the reason for the current affairs introduction of segments like personality profile and other topics he brings up for discussion, into his entertainment programmes.

“I met Former President Mahama as well, President Akufo-Addo and he, Akufo-Addo will engage you on a number of issues. So we need sharp minds and we need to be role models to the young ones but we need to have fun too” he noted.

Bola Ray will on Thursday, September 21, launch his autobiography “It is possible” at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

The book Chronicles his life struggles and achievements, failures and successes from his High School days in Accra Academy to his current status as CEO of one of Ghana’s leading media organisation, EIB Network.

He has had an illustrious media career which includes his experience with JoyFM where he was drive-time host, and then as TV presenter he was the face of TV3’s music-music and now hosts StarrChat on Starrfm, a subsidiary of EIB network.



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