I fed and clothed my jobless husband for 8 months – Afia Schwarzenegger

I fed and clothed my jobless husband for 8 months - Afia Schwarzenegger

It appears more and more drama and twists to Afia’s scandal keeps unfolding and as a blog that is neutral, we would share with you whatever we are able to learn about this whole Afia Schwarz’s scandal.

I believe by now, anyone who had doubts that, the story is not true, would have a change of mind–We don’t have time to do Fake news.

So, we’ve learned that Afia’s husband Lawrence Abrokwah has been assaulting Afia for sometime now, at least about 8 times and for that matter, the parents of Afia told him, they are no longer interested in letting their daughter stay in the marriage and for that matter returned the drinks he brought back to him.—–according to sources all of these events happened in June this year.

Afia Schwarz marriage is not even a year old, as she got married just last year October and it’s already crashed, as prophesied by Owusu Bempah, but she didn’t take him seriously.

Now, sources say that Abrokwah, was tipped by the maid in their house that day that, a certain man was in bed with Afia.

From, what the sources say, Abrokwah used to bang the maid too, reason why he had that close relationship with her, for her to have called him to gist him on what was happening in the house – Remember Abrokwah has been asked not to come to the house of Afia, as Afia says, she’s not interested in the marriage again.

But then legally, Afia is still married to Abrokwah, so stating by word of mouth that she’s no longer interested in him, does not warrant her to bring another man to the house.

As far as we are concerned, she never made any announcement on Social Media that she has divorced him and that she has suffered from any abuse in her marriage.

She painted a picture on Social media that all was well, in her marriage–Of course, she’s a DAMN liar and a hypocrite

Now, assuming without admitting that she ended the marriage in June like her team wants Ghanaians to believe, why the heck did she post a picture of herself and her husband just this past August, when she had an issue with Multimedia and Kiki Banson?

So, we have an audio, in which Afia was telling Abrokwah’s family that, she’s no longer interested in their son.

We could also hear her accusing Abrokwah of being a thief, unemployed and how she had to hustle to feed him since they got married.

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